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Who is Munna Bajrangi | Bus Conductor to UP’s DON Story

Who is Munna Bajrangi | Bus Conductor to UP’s DON Story

Crime Report: Ashutosh Nayak – Sharp shooter Munna Bajrangi, who was called Dawn of Northeast UP, was shot and killed in Bagpat Jail in Uttar Pradesh on 9th July 2018. The accused of murder of Don Munna Bajrangi is on the west Delhi’s Sun Sunil Rathi. It is being told this morning that Sunil Rathi killed Munna Bajrangi with 10 pills and killed him. Breaking News From the news, the market of discussions in the whole of the U.P. has been hot, and the news is going on since Munna Bajrangi in the morning.

Who was Munna Bajrangi

It is said that Munna was a conductor in a bus at Bajrangi Baranasi bus stand. It is also said that after stepping into the crime world, he has also run a rickshaw to avoid the police in Mumbai. Bala Don Munna Bajrangi was a reward of 7 lakhs to show a man full of looks. In which five lakhs of prizes were kept by the CBI, then there was a reward of 2 lakh rupees from the UP Police.

Veteran BJP leaders had lowered the ghats of death

It is said that Munna Bajrangi remained absconding for 11 years after stepping into the criminal world. Later, Delhi Police found success in capturing it from an apartment in Mumbai. Munna has slept with the death of many BJP leaders, including two BJP MLAs. Recently, the case of Munshi Bajrangi asking for a dress from BSP MLA is going on. Munna Bajrangi was shifted to Baghpat jail on Sunday for the same muscle on Sunday.

Suspicion had already happened 10 since the murder

Munna Bajrangi, who was locked in Jhansi district jail, was in a sick condition, but this conspiracy had already come to her. That is the reason 10 days ago Munna’s wife expressed her suspicion of killing her with a plea for not being shifted to Jhansi jail by press conference. But neither the district administration paid attention to it, nor did the Yogi Sarkar pay attention to it, nor did the Yogi Sarkar give attention.

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