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Mobile Tower Radiation & Drowning Life of Birds and Human
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Mobile Tower Radiation & Drowning Life of Birds and Human

Currently are science fiction movie appeared. Robot 2.0 which is very entertaining movie whereas is it highlights the serious issues concerning birds. so it is necessary for us to know that Mobile tower radiation are really dangerous or not or they really affect birds and humans.

So what is Mobile tower radiation ?

When you use mobile to communicate your phone send signal to local tower which passes the signal to Central trans-receiver. Which redirect the signal to receiver local tower and then to receiver. All of these is done through electronic magnetic radiation (EMR).

EMR can be classified as non ionizing and ionizing

Since a lot of people use mobile causes overload of EMR (Electro-magnetic Radiations) called electro smog.

What is Mobile tower radiation limit ?

Mobile tower radiation works on radio waves. Which are non ionizing radiation which range from 450 to 2600 MgH. Non ionizing radiation are safe for human and they do not cause any major disease.

Mobile tower radiation Effect on birds

One of the study carried out had 50 eggs of house Sparrows exposed to electromagnetic radiations for 10 minutes. It was found that all the 50 eggs were damaged. So we can understand through what circumstances the new generation of birds is going through and this is not it.

The migrating Birds which uses the electromagnetic waves to find their path are lost. Here are some more causes of Mobile tower radiation (M.T.R.) listed below :-

  1.  M.T.R. affects the Reproduction of birds
  2. M.T.R. affect the central nervous system and circulatory system of birds
  3.  M.T.R. affects immune system of birds
  4. M.T.R. effects also on insects that is food scarcity for

Mobile tower radiation effect on humans

In 30 years over 2500 researchers have been done to figure out whether Mobile tower radiation causes Cancer or Brain Tumor. But NO, no results have concluded this yet. That means for humans Mobile tower radiation are not as dangerous to humans as they are to birds. Now the question is MTR do not causes any effect on human or they do.

Yes they do, person living in the range of 300 meter of mobile tower can have long term effects such as sleeplessness, depression, headache or may have heart diseases.

How to check radiations effect on our body

To check the radiation effect on our body through mobile. While buying a new phone you should check the SAR ie specific absorption rate of your mobile from  the description. That is if SAR value is less than 1.6 it is safe.

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