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Ashutosh Nayak | A Journalist True Story

Ashutosh Nayak | A Journalist True Story

Ashutosh Nayak is an Indian youth journalist, and he writes articles on criminal incidents and matters. He started writing news through the agency in Amar Ujala. After this, he worked independently in various small newspapers including Hindustan, Nation Bangaband, writing. Bundelkhand’s local newspaper Janseva Mail gave several articles of Ashutosh Nayak on his editorial page.

Ashutosh Nayak is a resident of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. With the help of senior journalist colleagues in writing all the letters and learning from the nuances of the media world, they put their steps in the web media. In January 2017, he started the Action News Dot in Web Portal.

Ashutosh Nayak Enemy of wine Mafiya

Ashutosh Nayaka is generally considered to be an enemy of the wine mafia. Through his intelligence journalism, he worked to smash many big wine mafias. It is said that he had captured liquor of nearly 70 lakh liquor liquor from one liquor mafia in Jhansi.

Ashutosh Nayak, a dreaded journalist for liquor mafia, had to pay the price also. It is said that once a filing of the complaint against Ashutosh Nayak was done, the liquor mafia had registered a case against the Ashutosh Nayak of the Dalit caste’s wife, who had worked for him and also the SC / ST case. Although it is said that the police inspector was also involved with the liquor mafia. However, the case was found to be completely false in the investigation.

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